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Calibration Services

During calibration, technicians compare the performance output of a measuring tool or instrument with a measurement standard. Calibration services confirm that the item will produce results which meet or exceed that standard’s criteria. Our professional calibrating staff works with state-of-the-art calibration equipment in an environment-controlled laboratory, so you can count on precise results and quick turnaround.MTL Capabilities of the following calibration services:


Calibration Capabilities:

1. Calibration of thermoelectric sensing and measuring instruments of E,J,K,R,S and T type are according to ISO-9001-2008 STD

2. All types of hardness testing machines at different load i.e.

    ✔ Vicker Hardness Testing Machine.
    ✔ Brinell Hardness Testing Machine.
    ✔ Rockwell Hardness testing Machine (HRA, HRB, HRC).
    ✔ Rockwell Superficial Hardness Testing Machine (HR30TW, HR45N)

3. All types of Hardness Blocks at different load/ different scale i.e.

    ✔ Vicker Hardness Block (up to 120 Kg).
    ✔ Brinell Hardness Block (up to 3000 Kg)
    ✔ Rockwell Hardness Block (HRA to HRZ)
    ✔ Rockwell Superficial Hardness Block (HR 15, 30, 45 N/T/W/X/Y)

4. All type of universal testing machine including compression testing machine & Tensometer using different calibrators up to 100 Ton.

5. All type of different calibrators up to 100 Ton i.e.

    ✔ Proving Ring.
    ✔ Load Cell.
    ✔ Statimeter.
    ✔ Elastic loop Dynamometer.
    ✔ Amslar & etc.

6. Calibration of lab glass apparatus

    ✔ Glass ware
    ✔ Burette
    ✔ Measuring flask
    ✔ Cylinder
    ✔ Pipette

7. POF MTL is providing calibration of Gauges block, micrometers, surface plate and dial indicators.

    ✔ Glass ware
    ✔ Burette
    ✔ Measuring flask
    ✔ Cylinder
    ✔ Pipette


    ✔ Brinell – ASTM E10
    ✔ Rockwell – ASTM E18;
    ✔ Superficial Rockwell – ASTM E18
    ✔ Vickers – ASTM E92
    ✔ ASTM A370
    ✔ ASTM B557
    ✔ ASTM E8
    ✔ ASTM E21